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Ever wanna

punch a grown man in the jaw?

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  4. marielwashere answered: every other day
  5. crackrocksurprise answered: perhaps
  6. voldemorts-cock answered: yea i did but i did it cos he was acting like a little bitch
  7. nathonomy answered: ruin the cunt
  8. madmaxrockatansky answered: no just children.
  9. ponysays answered: HELLLL YESSSSSS
  10. angerisbeautiful-79 answered: yes, I have!
  11. jooky answered: every day of my life
  12. irisgrows answered: replay it in my head quite often to get through walking down the street.
  13. sealective answered: All the time
  14. billcosbys-diqcozy answered: When I was 12 I hit my dad in the back with one of those metal folding chairs during one of our fights. I was too weak for punching :(
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  16. chantulurie answered: ALWAYS.
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  18. thebadmonkey answered: far too often.
  19. doyoubelieveinvagic answered: shit ya. you know you can get paid for that, right?
  20. 1999miyagi answered: Jaw Punch??? For real. Twice today. Guy had it comin’.
  21. stiltsforshorttempers answered: often.
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  23. deeplezstonerwitch answered: every day of my life
  24. littlepapercone answered: fo sho
  25. tangymatangi answered: grown men are derps
  26. marshakleins answered: yes, when my local club’s dj won’t accept my request for 212!! fuckery x
  27. anthonycudahy answered: nope
  28. nxio answered: too often
  29. nailala answered: Always.
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